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Pastor Ralstin is the founding pastor of the Lighthouse Baptist Church in Reno, NV. His preaching is uncompromising to the Truths of God’s inspired Word in the King James Bible. You will be challenged as well as encouraged by his preaching.

The Preaching/Teaching mission of Lighthouse Baptist Church is: (1) to reach those individuals who need to come into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and (2) to keep Christians encouraged, strengthened and focused on their daily walk with God. It is our prayer that you will be personally encouraged and that your faith will be strengthened through the preaching of God’s precious Word.

Search Me O God

Sermon Preached: 9-6-2015 Sun PM We see the Psalmist asking God to search him, to look to the deepest part of what he is, his own heart.  Why would the Psalmist ask this?  And, why would any of us ask it?  The reason is simple.  We cannot know our own hearts as well as God […]

The Great Flood Part 2

Sermon Preached: 9-6-2015 Sun AM The flood narrative in Gen 6-8 is difficult to understand in light of the self-sacrificing nature of God revealed in Jesus Christ on the cross. How can the God who drowns everybody on earth because of their sin, be the same God who dies for everybody on earth because of […]

The Great Flood Part 1

Sermon Preached: 8-30-2015 Sun AM God saw how great wickedness had become and decided to wipe mankind from the face of the earth (Gen 6:7). About 1,650-years into human history, the flood came and God destroyed the human race, drowning them all. There could have been upwards of 7 billion people on the earth at […]

Embracing the Unchangeable Love of God

Sermon Preached: 8-23-2015 Sun PM I’m going to tell you one of the primary reasons why people that we may have spiritually looked up to have changed. …Why those who seemed to spiritually have it all together, self-destruct and are only a shadow of what they used to be. …Why those who once served God […]

The Fall of Mankind Part 2

Sermon Preached: 8-23-2015 Sun AM The ultimate lie for Satan is this, there never will be any judgment for sin. Right? Restraint is placed by God in the form of judgment. So what does Satan want to do? He wants to eliminate that restraint. Satan always lies about judgment…and the consequences of sin. Well, Eve’s […]

We Can Do Greater Works

Sermon Preached: 8-16-2015 Sun PM Pastor Darren Robinson Hometown Revival Play in new window | Download (Duration: 41:46 — 38.3MB) | Embed

The Fall of Mankind Part 1

Sermon Preached: 8-16-2015 Sun AM In today’s message, we will trace SIN and SUFFERING to its earthly origins and causes. Few could deny that something is desperately wrong with the world in which we live. God’s Word clearly and emphatically tells us WHY the world is in such a pathetic condition. By divine permission, Satan […]

The Greatness of Salvation

Sermon Preached: 8-9-2015 Sun PM The book of Hebrews was written to Hebrew Christians admonishing them not to turn back but to go forward and be all that their potential would allow them to be in the will of God.  This neglecting of so great salvation is not that of the unsaved man neglecting being […]

The Biblical Account of Creation Part 2

Sermon Preached: 8-9-15 Sun AM Both evolution and creation rely on ‘unobserved’ events—non-repeatable singularities. Both are views of history outside the realm of ‘observational’ science.  “Science” (the very meaning of which is knowledge) necessarily can deal only with those things which exist at present. The scientific method involves reproducibility…the study of present natural processes.  When […]

The Divine Plan for Difficult Times

Sermon Preached: 8/2/2015 Sun PM You work hard, but you don’t make progress.  You show up to practice every day, giving it your all, but you lose every game.  You spend time with your child – going out of your way to parent the best you know how – but they rebel. Discouragement eats a […]

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