(Highlighting the ministry of Lighthouse Baptist Church and the preaching of Pastor Randy Ralstin)

Delighting in Divine Appointments


Have you ever had a coincidence, which was so special that it seemed like God was in it?  Such coincidences may not be as accidental as we may think but could instead be ‘divine appointments’. Divine…of or relating to God: proceeding from God; Appointment…an arrangement for a meeting; So if you put the two together a Divine Appointment is a meeting arranged by God. A divine appointment is when God leads us to a certain place at the right time to accomplish a specific purpose.  It is a meeting that is God-inspired and God-led.  It is an appointment when you know that God ordained that moment in time for you to see His Hand at work in or through your life?  Divine appointments are occasions in which:

1) God chooses to do His works through us to another as we obey the Holy Spirit’s promptings in our lives.

2) God chooses to do His works to us through the vehicle of someone else’s life.

The only thing separating you from experiencing ‘divine appointments’ is your choice to engage with those around you or to focus only on yourself.  If we believe that God is the Master planner, the Grand Designer of all things- then we must also know and believe that divine appointments happen to us every day. Saying that a thing happens by chance says that God is not sovereign. Saying that God did not orchestrate certain events, or certain people to walk into our lives, is like saying our God has no control over His creation. God is and always will be in control, because He is God. Each of us need to open our eyes. We need to be aware of these divine appointments that God has placed before us.  These people that I see and meet and speak to every day are not just by chance- they are placed by God before me to be a witness to His Son, Jesus Christ.

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